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OXARI is a professional ITSM class ServiceDesk system that is ITIL-compliant and enriched with an essential toolset for IT teams.

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OXARI Implementation

  • OXARI is a professional ITSM class ServiceDesk system that is ITIL-compliant. The system includes tools to facilitate IT teams’ work, and a dedicated set of features designed to manage advanced business processes.
  • The modular design of the system, combined with a modern user interface, allows you to model any Asset Management, CMDB, ServiceDesk, Workflow, and MDM work logic.
  • The system can be accessed using any web browser. It also allows you to design all the user interface components by yourself.


  • dynamic user interface,
  • rules to control the logic of system operation,
  • extensive (open) communication APIs,
  • Linux and PostgreSQL support.


  • dedicated teams of consultants,
  • 20 years of implementations (in every market sector),
  • professional support during the installation and configuration process,
  • certified training courses.


  • tool and process functionalities in one system,
  • intra-system data integration,
  • ITIL compliance,
  • predefined implementation schemes (asset management, servicedesk, workflow).

Customize OXARI

Multiple configurations

Rule-based management is the main component of the system that ensures configuration flexibility. OXARI allows you to create any number of patterns consisting of specific rules and actions. An intelligent event creation wizard allows you to configure the current and future control functions in any way you like. Rules can govern automatic account manager assignment, ticket creation from emails, status changes, or escalation if SLA parameters are exceeded.

OXARI analyzes input parameters in real time and, depending on the fulfillment of certain conditions, triggers the related system actions.

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Our software is used in over 1,500 companies and public offices throughout the country. See who trusted us:

  • With OXARI we have automated IT department work. The intuitive interface and the freedom to adapt the application to organization’s individual needs is the key strength of this software.

    Filip Kielban – IT Project Manager

  • We handle several thousand requests each month using OXARI. With the ServiceDesk module, our processes are streamlined and structured. The interface is comfortable to work with. The system flexibility and the ability to integrate with external systems via APIs are also on the plus side.

    Tomasz Bukała – IT Director/CIO

  • The system implementation saved us a lot of time. With services and processes standardization, we can leverage more good practices for infrastructure management in the future. It is also worth stressing that OXARI developer actively expands the system based on the customers’ needs, including ours.

    Dariusz Łużny – Head of IT Department

  • With a professional ITSM system, we expect useful features, but also flexible configuration and an intuitive interface. We found all of this in OXARI, the system that we have customized to fit our needs. We highly rate our partnership with the developer as well.

    Łukasz Mądrzyk – First Line Support Manager

  • Comprehensive service tickets management gives you full control over ticket handling progress and makes finding critical service points easier. Because we have such a large number of workstations, efficient ticket management requires an advanced ServiceDesk system, such as OXARI.

    Mariusz Banasiak – IT Director

  • In this hybrid work era, we were looking for a solution that offered the remote support capability for academic and administrative staff. OXARI has streamlined my department’s tasks in a consolidated way, integrating them into one efficient system.

    Sławomir Paszkiewicz – Director of the Center for Modern Technologies of the University of Opole



What we do?

  • Consulting

    We analyse your current infrastructure processes and we show you the opportunities and benefits of implementing a unified management system.

  • Presentation, demo, POC

    You can book the system demo or we can provide you with access to the full OXARI functionality in the cloud or as a dedicated installation in your environment.

  • Implementation and training

    The implementation is carried out by an experienced team of developers according to an agreed schedule and scope. Regular user training sessions come standard with the implementation.

  • Post-implementation support

    Our consultants are on standby at the production launch of the system. Real-time analysis of the workflow and work logic allows for rapid response and change implementation.

  • Technical support

    When the OXARI system is implemented, you are given access to our technical support team, ensuring that service tickets are processed within the fixed time limit.

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OXARI in numbers

Rule-based management is the main component that ensures configuration flexibility. OXARI allows you to create by yourself any number of events, conditions, and related actions.

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OXARI is a universal platform that enables implementation of a professional ITSM class system in accordance with the ITIL standard.

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With OXARI we have automated IT department work. The intuitive interface and the freedom to adapt the application to organization's individual needs is the key strength of this software.

Filip Kielban
IT Project Manager


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Artificial intelligence
OXARI ServiceDesk
System tickets and problems management, with SLA compliance analysis.
Knowledge Base
Central database of hardware configurations and services, and logical flow chart of infrastructure component relationships.
OXARI Asset Management
Automatic resources inventory taking, relationships and documentation database.
Android-based remote mobile devices management.
Central Register of Contracts
Civil law contracts recording in accordance with the current legal obligations.
Sygnalista (Whistleblower)
Anonymous violations reporting process management and corrective actions record.

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